Town of Freedom

Trash & Recycling

Trash & Recycling

The Town of Freedom recycling center and trash collection site is open to residents every Saturday in lieu of residential pickup services.

S5893 Diamond Hill Road

Saturdays, 7am to Noon


Household garbage should be placed in pastic garbage bags.  Residents are allowed 4 bags of household garbage per week.  No construction or remodeling garbage will be accepted.

All recyclables must be free from contaminants – e.g., a pizza box covered in grease must go in the trash and is not recyclable.

Recycling items include:

  • Aluminum containers
  • Bi-metal containers (i.e. containers made from a combination of steel and aluminum)
  • Corrugated cardboard or other container board
  • Glass containers
  • Magazines and other materials printed on similar paper
  • Newspapers and other materials printed on newsprint
  • Office paper
  • Plastic containers #1 and #2 – milk jugs, laundry detergent bottles, soda and water bottles, etc.
  • Steel containers (tin cans)

Place loose recycling items in a clear plastic bag.  Bundle newspaper and cardboard together.

Manthey Metal does provide a dumpster for smaller metal items.  Please see dump-master for what is allowed and what is not.

TVs, computers, refrigerators, microwaves, smoke detectors, dehumidifiers, mattresses or box springs, tires, batteries, antifreeze, motor oil, gasoline, engine oils, couches, stuffed chairs, dead animals, grass clippings, brush, leaves, trees, Christmas trees, remodeling garbage, construction material, field stone, sand, gravel, or concrete.